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Y Not Natural looks to the plants and wisdom that come from Australia and especially the Outback.

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The History of Y Not Natural

Y-Not Natural’s vision seeks to provide the highest quality natural skincare products, which help nourish the entire body. Y Not Natural is a Western Australian-owned and operated family company founded by Mr. Mervin Anderson. The range is focused on integrity: Sustainable production with fresh bio-active Emu oil as the main ingredient of the most exceptional high-grade purity. Y-Not Natural skincare range is researched and formulated to be the purest, safest, and most beneficial skincare product on the market.

Mervin’s passion for skincare stems from his children’s affliction with severe allergies and troubled skin. As a father, he witnessed his children with persistent unrelenting breakouts, allergies, severe scarring, irritation, and stress damage. Pharmacy products were ineffective at best and exacerbated his children’s problems at worst. Dermatologists prescribed rounds of antibiotics, injections, and creams that only offered temporary relief, never addressing the root causes.

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The company works with botanists, herbalists, chemists, aromatherapists, holistic health practitioners, and farming partners to advance its understanding of botanical ingredients and their effect on skin health. These experiences further developed his knowledge of cutting-edge skin technology and gave him access to some of the rarest, highest-grade of natural ingredients. He then worked with his chemist and developed benchmarks in formulating the best ways to create and deliver the beneficial effects of raw natural ingredients.

The Y-Not Natural range is formulated with natural, certified organic ingredients and 100% essential oils. Each product contains emu oil, a superior, pure, natural emollient, moisturiser, and anti-inflammatory for the treatment of dry, rough skin, wrinkles, scars, and skin ashes. It is useful for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, burns, and for temporary relief of arthritis, muscle, joint, and back pain. Contact us now to learn more!


The manufacturing plant and process exceed all Australian and European standards in the production of pharmaceutical and medicinal products. This stamp of quality provides consumers with confidence when buying a quality product, which they can be assured, poses no adverse health effects.

Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing

Y Not Natural’s Emu oil is processed at a world standard pharmaceutical rendering plant registered with the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and HACCP (HACCP Australia Food Safety Accreditation.) These are the highest recognized endorsements for food safety excellence. This endorsement offers the assurance of the product’s suitability for use within HACCP-based food safety programs and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certifications.

Most manufacturers of natural products over process the ingredients at high temperatures along with chemicals, which remove the vital components and essential benefits.

Y Not Natural leaves this ancient synergy in its natural form and intact during the rendering process with none of the essential elements removed and nothing added. This is a big undertaking as this type of processing is very hard to do. Very few manufacturing facilities have the know-how and capacity to produce the Emu Oil in this pure way.

The Typical Way of Manufacturing in other parts of the world –

From the typical chemist’s practices in other parts of the world, the Emu Oil is manufactured so it is ‘triple refined’ or ‘super refined.’ This is processing the Emu Oil as if it were a crude oil so the outcome is a “clean” nice-looking oil that is transparent. This is a molecular destructive process that strips out the turbid parts of the oil and only achieves an irreversible result as the oil is stripped from its most functional components. It is “dead” in bioactive terms and not worth paying a premium for, as it is just another oil manufactured to an industrial standard.

It took nature millions of years to “assemble” Emu oil and make it the powerful, beneficial substance it is, why would anyone in their sane mind try to undo this by trying to make it look “nice”? Why then bother using Emu oil at all? If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Farming Partners

Our farming partners produce a subspecies of Emu providing the highest biologically active Emu oil available, on managed Emu farms, which are licensed wildlife producers.

Emus are farmed in a stress free, free-range environment;

  • Only the cleanest and best feed produces highly biologically active oil. Antibiotics, vaccinations, and growth hormones are excluded from production.
  • They operate their own oil rendering plant in accordance with ancient Aboriginal procedures leaving its synergy of beneficial components intact.
  • They operate the only licensed Emu oil rendering plant in Australia to HACCP and GMP standards. It is the only Emu oil company in the world that has direct access to testing Emu oil for biological activity.
  • Y-Not represents a unique combination of farming, oil rendering, and research which guarantees total quality control.

Research & Development

Y-Not Natural begins with the earth’s natural resources. Powerful plant and oil extracts coupled with intricately blended aromatics form the foundation of the Y- Not range. We ethically source and extract, harnessing and boosting remarkable natural properties through technology. Y Not Natural is where the science of nature meets the science of skin. The Y Not Natural company is driven by its commitment to creating high-performance formulations developed through innovative science and technology. We continually strive to create the ‘Next Generation’ in skin science using ground-breaking techniques to amplify the earth’s natural resources. Contact us now to learn more!

Sales Partners

Distribution is more than getting products from Point A to Point B. It takes a deep understanding of the retail world to consistently serve the needs of retailers. Y Not Natural has distributors all around the world. From the U.S. to Malaysia, to the Netherlands, the Y Not Brand has a highly sophisticated distribution link to keep up with constantly increasing demand. Contact us now for more details.

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